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January - March 2009, Volume 5, Issue 1
Case Report

Marian G, Dan IA, Ionescu BE, Ghinea D

Quetiapine – valproate combination as therapeutic option for bipolar depression associated tu diabetes mellitus – case report

Acta Endo (Buc) 2009, 5 (1): 121-127
doi: 10.4183/aeb.2009.121

Background. Atypical antipsychotics proved efficacy in monotherapy and more so in\r\nassociation with mood stabilizers, but choosing the atypical antipsychotic requires special\r\ncautions due to metabolic adverse effects. The aim: to verify if Quetiapine-valproate\r\ncombination improves rapidly acute depressive symptoms and has a good endocrinemetabolic\r\ntolerability. Case presentation. A 49 years male, bipolar patient, admitted for a\r\nmajor depressive episode. The patient also has type 2 DM for which he takes oral antidiabetics.\r\nWhen inpatient, he had persistent hyperglycemia (>250mg/dL). DM&#8217;s\r\ncomplications (poly-neuropathy, retinopathy and right bundle-branch block). Diabetic status\r\noriented us to choose quetiapine (600 mg/day) for both antidepressive effect and its safe\r\nmetabolic profile associated with valproate (1000 mg/day). Antidiabetic medication was\r\nadjusted following the clinical outcome. Instruments. for depression we used Montgomery-\r\nAsberg Rating Scale (MARS), for mania Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS), Clinical\r\nGlobal Impression for Bipolar Disorder (CGI-BP), for diabetes (glycemia, HbA1c,\r\nglycosuria, body weight, adverse events and relapse were followed-up for 6 months. The\r\nevaluations were performed weekly during hospitalization (6 weeks) and then monthly, for\r\n6 months quetiapine together with valproate therapy led to remission of depressive\r\nsymptoms (MADRS <50% vs. baseline). At the same time DM was compensated with\r\nglimpirid and metformin (glycemia < 120mg/dL). These results maintained till the end of\r\nthe follow-up period. Conclusion. Quetiapine associated to valproate in acute and chronic\r\nmanagement of bipolar depression proved to be efficient and well tolerated, along 6 months,\r\nin patient with type 2 diabetes.

Keywords: bipolar depression, diabetes mellitus type 2.

Correspondence: Gabriela Marian MD, "Prof. Dr. Al. Obregia" Psychiatric Hospital, Chief of\r\nVIIIth Clinic, Berceni 10-12, Bucharest, Romania. Tel/Fax: 0040-213321304;\r\nE-mail: