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January - March 2012, Volume 8, Issue 1
Endocrine Care

Oros S, Ianas O, Vladoiu S, Giurcaneanu M, Ionescu L, Neacsu E, Voicu G, Stoiceanu M, RoscaR, Neamtu C, Badiu C, Dumitrache C

Does Obesity Protect Postmenopausal Women Against Osteoporosis?

Acta Endo (Buc) 2012, 8 (1): 67-76
doi: 10.4183/aeb.2012.67

Introduction. Obesity was considered to protect against osteoporosis. Recent studies indicate the opposite.\r\nThe study aimed to see if adipose tissue has a protective effect on bone mass and if adipocytokines can explain the\r\nrelationship between obesity and osteoporosis.\r\nSubjects and methods We designed a study enrolling 83\r\npostmenopausal women, aged over 60, without diagnosed or treated osteoporosis and no secondary osteoporosis. We formed 3 groups- group 1- osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome (MetSyn), group 2- osteoporosis, group 3- MetSyn.\r\nWe evaluated the hematological, biochemical profile, bone turnover markers and adipocytokines. DXA of the spine and\r\nthe hip (left) was performed on all the enrolled women. Insulin resistance was appreciated using HOMA index. Metsyn\r\nwas defined using the International Diabetes Federation?s criteria.Results were statistically analyzed using SPSS program, version 15.\r\nResults. All groups were vitamin D insufficient with lower vitamin D, osteocalcin and adiponectin levels in the\r\ngroups with MetSyn and higher leptin levels. BMI correlated positively with spine BMD, while leptin correlated positively with hip BMD, pointing out to the protective effect of obesity against osteoporosis due to leptin?s involvement.\r\nConclusion. Obesity seems to have a protective effect against osteoporosis, probably due to leptin.

Keywords: osteoporosis, obesity, metabolic syndrome, adipocytokines

Correspondence: Sabina Oros, MD, ?C.I. Parhon? National Institute of Endocrinology - Research Dpt., Aviatorilor 34-36, Bucharest 011863, Romania, Email: