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January - March 2011, Volume 7, Issue 1
Endocrine Care

Pop D, Procopciuc L, Sitar-Taut A, Bodizs G, Poanta L, Zdrenghea D

BNP Fragment (8-29) Level and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Polymorphism in Heart Failure Patients in Relationship with Body Mass Index

Acta Endo (Buc) 2011, 7 (1): 39-46
doi: 10.4183/aeb.2011.39

Though increased BMI represents a risk factor for developing heart failure, in heart failure (HF) patients it paradoxically increases survival. This effect was not\r\nstudied in relationship with BNP and ACE mutations. Objective. To investigate the relationship between BNP fragment (8-29) plasmatic level, ACE I/D polymorphism and BMI in patients with chronic congestive heart failure. Methods. We studied 50 patients with HF, NYHA III and IV, mean age 64.96?13.24 years, 21 patients with BMI &#8805;30 kg/m2 vs 29 patients with BMI<30 kg/m2. BMI, ACE polymorphism,\r\nthe plasmatic levels of BNP fragment (8-29) were determined.\r\nResults. Mean plasmatic BNP fragment (8-29) level was\r\n1891.02?1008.06 pg/mL, mean BMI value 29.09?7.59 kg/m?, with a negative correlation between the two parameters (r=-\r\n0.46), stronger in women (r=-0.79 vs. r=-0.32 in men). Significant greater value of BNP fragment (8-29) was registered in nonobese patients (2130.77?866.58 pg/mL vs. 1547.765?1135.744pg/mL, p<0.05). The distribution of ACE mutation was: DD allele 36%, II allele 24%, and ID allele 40%. In all three groups, the patients with BMI &#8805;\r\n30kg/m2 presented lower values of BNP fragment (8-29) levels.\r\nConclusion. In HF patients, there was an inverse correlation between BNP value and BMI, obese patients having lower BNP fragment (8-29) values, no matter the ACE\r\npolymorphism.

Keywords: heart failure, obesity, BNP, angiotensin converting enzyme\r\npolymorphism.

Correspondence: Dana Pop MD, PhD, 46-50 Viilor Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.\r\nTel: +40 744159933 E-mail: