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July - September 2023, Volume 19, Issue 3
General Endocrinology

Banariu GM, Tica I, Rus M, Onuc S, Neagoe G, Tica VI

Effects of Depression, Anxiety, or Low Self-Esteem upon Glycemic Variability, in Diabetic Pregnant Versus Non-Pregnant Patients

Acta Endo (Buc) 2023, 19 (3): 307-313
doi: 10.4183/aeb.2023.307

Objective. We analyzed the correlation between glycemic variability and psychological problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, and low self-esteem in pregnant and non-pregnant (excluding gestational diabetes) patients with diabetes. Besides its originality, this study might contribute to better / earlier diagnosis of these psychological conditions, with a special interest in pregnant diabetic women. Better management and cost reduction of care could be a consequence. Methods. We compared diabetic pregnant and non-pregnant women from the perspective of the glycemic variability (for a period of 15 days prior inclusion in the study) and their results on the standardized questionnaires: Beck depression inventory, Hamilton anxiety scale – HRSA, Rosenberg self-esteem test. Results and Conclusions. A statistically significant correlation was identified in both groups between the glycemic oscillation and depression, anxiety, and low selfesteem. Diabetic pregnant women had a higher statistical significance for the correlation between the glycemic oscillation and depression, as well as between the glycemic oscillation and anxiety than non-pregnant diabetic patients. The present data justify further research. Our results could be developed into a preliminary intervention protocol, using the daily glycemic values measurements, collected by patients.

Keywords: diabetes, depression, anxiety, low selfesteem, glycemic variability, pregnant, non-pregnant.

Correspondence: Gheorghe Mihail Banariu MD, “Ovidius” University, Faculty of Medicine, Phd scohol (Student), 124 Mamaia Blvd., Constanta, 0751000, Romania, E-mail: