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July - September 2023, Volume 19, Issue 3
Endocrine Care

Kayali MS, Arslan HK, Yilmaz E, Eti S, Ozdenkaya Y, Omer A

Weight Loss and Beyond, Assessment of Quality of Life after Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy Using Baros in Patients with Obesity in Turkey

Acta Endo (Buc) 2023, 19 (3): 326-332
doi: 10.4183/aeb.2023.326

Context. Sleeve gastrectomy is an effective method for management of obesity. The Bariatric Analysis and Reporting Outcome System (BAROS) is a comprehensive and standard system for the assessment of outcomes of weight loss surgery. It is consisted of weight loss, changes in obesityrelated comorbidities and quality of life measurements. We investigated results of the sleeve gastrectomy based on the BAROS. Material and Methods. Outcomes of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy surgery was studied in 45 patients with obesity (11 male, 34 female), after 45 months in Turkey. Results. Total weight loss was 26.4±0.1% of body weight at 45 months. Weight regain was seen in 97.8% of the patients with an average 14.5 kg and 13.7% body mass index points. The surgery caused 76% decrease in incidence of obstructive sleep apnea, 73% decrease in type 2 diabetes, 63% decrease in hyperlipidemia and 62% decrease in hypertension. Significant improvement is observed in all quality-of-life parameters. The final score of the BAROS was 4.23±1.02. Conclusion. Based on BAROS, sleeve gastrectomy provides significant improvements in weight loss, incidence of medical comorbidities and quality of life after surgery. Future studies should address prevention of weight regain after the surgery.

Keywords: obesity, Quality of life, Weight los, Laparoscopic bariatric surgery, BAROS.

Correspondence: Abdulkadir Omer MD, International School of Medicine, Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, 34500, Turkey, E-mail: