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Contents: April - June 2005, Issue 2
General Endocrinology

Radian S, Bensaada M, Lautier C, Moles JP, Grigorescu F, Gussi I, Badiu C, Nastasia S, Hudita D, Leonte L, Marinescu B, Coculescu M
Molecular genetics strategies to identify vasotocin coding sequences in humans: family-specific approach using genomic DNA and fetal tissues mRNAs
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 131-144 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.131 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Rosianu A, Lazar E, Raica M
Oncoprotein c-erb B2 - prognostic significance in invasive breast cancer
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 145-156 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.145 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Poiana C, Stefanescu AM, Caragheorgheopol A, Badiu C, Galoiu S, Coculescu M
Blood brain barrier by-pass produced by pituitary adenomas for pituitary peptides does not involve leptin
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 157-166 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.157 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Endocrine Care

Toma A, Sava M, Delia C, Simescu M, Tomescu E, Coculescu M
Universal salt iodization effects on endemic goiter in Arges county, Romania
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 167-180 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.167 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Mircescu G, Capusa C, Andreiana I
The management of secondary hyperparathyroidism in chronic kidney disease
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 181-200 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.181 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Fica SV, Albu A, Vadareanu F, Barbu C, Bunghez R, Nitu L, Marinescu D
Endocrine disorders in ?-thalassemia major: cross-sectional data
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 201-212 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.201 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]

Catrina SB, Brismar K
Diabetic foot ulcers. Where we are and where are we going?
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 213-218 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.213 [Login to see FullText]
Case Report

Branisteanu DD, Galesanu C, Saviuc E, Lisnic N, Negru D, Bostaca T, Galesanu MR
One case of sellar and suprasellar chordoma
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 219-226 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.219 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Ursu HI, Hortopan D, Podia-Igna C, Vizireanu A, Harsan T, Dumitriu L, Alexandrescu D
Late onset Graves thyrotoxicosis in a patient with 18 years history of euthyroid Graves ophtalmopathy
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 227-232 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.227 [Abstract] [Login to see FullText]
Notes & Comments

Haulica I, Bild W, Boisteanu D
New challenges and perspectives in physiology. From the classical concept of homeostasis to physiome
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 233-239 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.233 [Login to see FullText]
Book Review

Gussi I
Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility
Acta Endo (Buc) 2005 1: 240 doi: 10.4183/aeb.2005.240 [Login to see FullText]